About Us

Our troop chartered organization is Torrey Pines Church.

Troop 271's Vision

  • The Scouts find real challenge, excitement, adventure, and fun in a strong outdoors program that includes both camping and backpacking.
  • Scouts plan and execute all Troop and Patrol activities and works to make them fun.
  • The Scouts practice the Patrol Method that includes mutual respect and support between the PL and members, shared responsibilities, and a sense of pride, enthusiasm, and identity.
  • The Scouts learn to be good leaders and followers that include effective delegation and follow-up.
  • Scouts learn, practice, and teach skills that lead to 1st class advancement
  • Scouts continue personal growth and advance towards Eagle
  • The Scouts practice the ideals of Scouting (the Oath and Law).
  • The Scouts are exposed to and associate with adults on a mature level.
  • The Scouts continuously improves and adapts for the good of the whole troop through regular open assessment.

Troop 271's Goals

[BSA Goals]

  • Continue doing what we are doing well
  • 10-nights camping/year per scout
  • Minimum of 2-nights camping/outing
  • Increase the Patrol Method and Patrol Leader.s leadership opportunities
  • Re-energize High Adventure
  • Create a website
  • Increase the troop.s .boy-run. culture
  • Encourage participation in the Religion Emblem Program
  • Encourage greater pride in the uniform and personal appearance
  • Formalize the Troop elections
  • Get more adults involved and trained
  • Measure our progress through metrics
  • Finish and maintain the bylaws
  • Provide more opportunities for working on the Trail-to-First Class
  • Make sure the games are fun for the younger scouts
  • Provide more merit badge workshops
  • Identify new appealing and diverse outings
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