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Tradition of the Tie-Dye Neckerchief

About 1996, the senior patrol leader (SPL) of the troop, Greg Ashcraft, had the idea and decided to change the older light green neckerchief into a tie-dye swirl. This was a great idea therefore allowing the scouts to create neckerchiefs that they could call their own but that were still identifiable as Troop 271.  Upon joining Troop 271, new scouts tie-dye a neckerchief which is awarded at the Court of Honor after the scout reaches the 2nd Class rank.

Source of the Ram Skull

Scout Francis McClain was a graphic designer at the time when he came up with the idea of the ram skull for the troop T-shirt.  Later one afternoon, scout R.J. Sheppard had the idea of the tie-dye shirt and that was later an addition to the skull and now we wear this shirt with pride as the "Class B" or "Activity" shirt in the troop.

Legend of the Lettuce

This was another one of SPL Greg Ashcraft's ideas. This started at camp in Catalina when the food supply box only included 2 moldy lettuce heads. In rage troop 271 stuck them on top of the gateway entrance to the camp and this became tradition.

Genesis of the Life Project

A requirement to perform one or more service projects has long been a requirement for the rank of Life.  In 1987, the troop implemented the concept of the "Life Service Project" (or "Life Project" for short) for satisfaction of this requirement.  Modeled after the Eagle rank leadership/service project, the Life Project leads the scout through the entire project planning and execution process.  The size and complexity of a Life Project is much less than an Eagle Project, but most scouts who have performed a Life Project find it much easier to plan and accomplish their Eagle Project.  The tradition of the Life Project has led to Troop 271's magnificent track record in helping Scouts achieve the Eagle Rank.