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Camps 2016

From: James Gillespie 
Subject: [t271_asm:2025] Summer Camp 2016
Date: October 13, 2015 at 5:44:10 PM PDT
To: t271_scouts, t271_parents, t271_asm

Hello Everyone,

Votes have been collected, counted, tallied and summarized.  The clear winner—-by a 2 to 1 margin over the next closest camp---is Emerald Bay on Catalina Island!!!!!!!

As many of you (parents) know Emerald Bay is the most expensive camp we considered for 2016.  Fortunately, Emerald Bay has a new program this year that offers a significant discount by going Aug 8th-13th.  For most scouts and parents this a great combination.  Unfortunately, I know this date does not work for scouts who have high school sports, since they start in early August.  If these scouts are interested in going on a Rugged-O campout, we can work to make that happen at another time durning the summer.  There is no discount for the Rugged-O program at Emerald Bay so any dates work equally well.

The final cost with the discount for Emerald Bay will be about $550/scout.  This can vary a little bit depending on the final number of scouts going.

In order to get the discount we need to move quickly.  We need to reserve our week and get the number of scouts committed to going before the end of October.  In order to reserve a spot we need a non-refundable deposit of $150 for each scout by the Oct 20th meeting.  We cannot guarantee a space unless you sign up by the Oct 20th deadline.

There will be an additional payment of $200 in early December, and a final payment of about $200 in early February.

We don’t want to miss any scouts that want to go to camp.  Please add your name to the signup sheet EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT GOING (indicate YES or NO).  This way I know all scouts have been counted, and have had a chance to decide.  All the summer camp fees can be paid by check.

James Gillespie

From: James Gillespie
Subject: [t271_scouts:1642] Troop 271 - Summer Camp 2016 Voting
Date: October 4, 2015 at 8:28:41 AM PDT
To: t271_scouts, t271_parents, t271_asm

Hello Scouts (and Parents)

Ray Vance and I are organizing Troop 271’s Summer Camp for 2016.  The first thing to do is to pick a camp for the troop to attend.  Scouts who plan on attending Philmont will need to choose between Summer Camp 2016 and Philmont---as they will most likely have some overlapping dates.  Even if you don’t think you can attend camp, please vote.

This year we have four summer camps to choose from:

Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island
Cost*: $649/scout for camp (includes boat ride to and from mainland)
Distance: About 120 miles or 2 hours in the car, plus 90 minute boat ride
Highlights: SCUBA (12+yrs old) and Snorkeling; Swimming (ocean, no pool), Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, Motor Boating and Fishing; Mountain Biking; Hiking Trails; Archery, Rifle and Shotgun Range; 28+ merit badges; Pennington Marine Science Center Aquarium; Showers.
LocationTwo Harbors on Catalina Island
Video and our own

Camp Forest Lawn in San Bernardino National Forest
Cost*: Last year $415/scout (might be a little more this year)
Distance: About 130 miles or 3+ hours in the car
Highlights: Firebird Lake (boats, canoes, kayaks and fishing); Horseback Riding; 50+ Merit Badges; Observatory with several telescopes; Archery, Rifle, and Shotgun Range; 4 Overnight High Adventure Camps for Scouts 13 1/2 and older; Rappelling, Rock Climbing and, 1,500’ Zip Line; Pool; Showers.
LocationSan Bernardino National Forest, 3 miles from lake Arrowhead

Camp Pico Blanco near Carmel
Cost*: A
pproximately $560 total per scout:  $360/scout for camp; additional transportation fees around $200/scout
Distance: About 460 miles or 9+ hours in the car
Highlights: Little Sur River in the Coastal Redwoods; Swimming (river/lake, no pool), Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, and Fishing; Rock Climbing and Mountain Biking; Forest Hiking Trails; Nature Preserve offers Environmental Science, Soil and Water Conservation, Forestry, and S.T.E.M; Archery, Rifle, and Shotgun Range; 40+ merit badges; Foxfire and Indian Village take campers back to 19th century; Disc-Golf; Showers.
LocationBig Sur Wilderness, outside of Carmel

Camp Whitsett in Sequoia National Forest
Cost*: Approximately $515 per scout:  $415/scout for camp; additional travel fees around $100/scout
Distance: About 300 miles or 6+ hours in the car
Highlights: Whitewater Rafting; Swimming (lake, no pool), Canoeing, Kayaking, Rowing, and Fishing; Mountain biking; Hiking Trails; Archery, Rifle and Shotgun Range; 20+ merit badges; Showers.
LocationSequoia National Forest
Video and our own

*Note that all costs are approximate and we will not know the exact amount until after we have made reservations and travel plans.

Please read about each camp, watch the videos, and ask around---Troop 271 has been to some of these before.  If you still don’t know what camps to vote for, let me just say that they all offer something unique.  Emerald Bay, however, is the camp that people who know about summer camps keep talking about.  It is the only camp of the four listed in Scouting Magazine’s “Cool Camps” feature.  

With this information, and anything else you find out about the camps, please fill out the following questionnaire.  I will be collecting these after the Court of Honor Tuesday night.  If you can’t make it Tuesday, please email me your vote by Tuesday night so that it can be counted.

James Gillespie and Ray Vance
Calvin Kuo,
Oct 5, 2015, 5:08 AM