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Pierce's Repetitive Writing


Scouts! You aim your shotgun ready to shoot the clay pigeon they launch. Cla clunk, its flying! You pull the trigger. Boom you see the spray of the shells blast out in front of you as the butt of the gun slams into your shoulder. Schlicht, the pigeon explodes into small pieces. That's what you do in Scouts.

Scouts! You feel weightless as you lift your huge, heavy back pack off your shoulder. You have been hiking for seven miles with a 20 pound backpack. It feels great to lift that heavy weight off your shoulders. That's what you do in Scouts.

Scouts! Bumpity-bump, bumpity-bump you hear as your mountain bike is bumping down the hill. As you're going, you're praying, "Don't fall! Don't fall!" You speed down the mountain with your hair whipping around. That's what you do in Scouts.

Scouts! Summer has started and your troop meetings are at the beach. You're ready for some good waves to catch. "Hey, that one looks good," you think as you paddle over. You paddle yourself in with the current and the wave. You stand up as it pulls you forward and forward and boom! It crashed down bringing you with it. You cut to the side to avoid falling and you ride along with it. That's what you do in Scouts.

Scouts! You drag yourself up the mountain you've been hiking for 7 1/2 miles. Only half a mile to get to the top. Once you get to the top, only 7 1/2 more miles to go down. You're sweating off buckets in the hot sun as you go up and up and up and up! You're there and it's a great view that was totally worth the climb! You can see all the land spread out in front of you as if you were a bird flying high above the earth. That's what you do in Scouts.

Scouts! Scratch, scratch, scratch. You are trying to light a fire with flint and steel. Scratch a shower of sparks explodes with a red hot glow. "Whoosh," you're lightly blowing on it as the glow spreads along the lint you got from your dryer. Whoosh, a small flame appears. You feed it grass, twigs, small branches, adding more and more till it's good. Then you sit back and watch the flames dance around enjoying the warmth the fire provided. That's what you do in Scouts!

Scouts. You arrive at the Camporee in time to set up your tent before dark. After setting up camp, you start a game of German Spotlight. At 10 o'clock the adults tell you it's time for bed. As in bed they mean sleep but we think it means staying up with a deck of cards and chess board and set. At 2AM your eyes are heavy, blinking, and you call it a night. You start the next day with eggs, bacon and bagels. Yum! Except one thing, you have to cook it yourself and then clean it up yourself. But it is worth it because you get BACON! Then through the day you do activities. That's what you do in Scouts.

Scouts! Stroke, stroke, stroke as you quietly paddle along the crystal clear lake. You're dragging your lure and fishing hook behind your canoe hoping to catch something. You look down and see many fish swimming around the rocks only 3 feet down! You can see the bright green reeds. Then the canoe twitches and you see the fishing pole is bending. You grab it and reeling it in, pulling, pulling, pulling. This one's fighting. But soon you get it up, it's a catfish! You put it in your catch sack and put your lure back in the water. That's what you do in Scouts.

Scouts! You're wading through the river with your boots stuck in the mud. You're trying to get across the river on your hike. You finally get your boot unstuck. And take another step just to get your boot stuck again. But soon enough you get across the river and keep going. You are freezing cold now that you are wet, but you keep going. That's what you do in Scouts.

Scouts! Fwoosh! As your rocket goes up and up and up and up and starts to fall back down. But then the parachute deploys! It slowly floats down. Then you watch other rockets launch. Some are really weird with cameras and stuff taped to the body. One had an egg taped to the body. You watch that one go up and up and boom it explodes in the mid air. That's what you do in Scouts.

Scouts! Outdoors, fresh air, active, good times with friends. Scouting gets you outdoors camping, not just camping, learning survival skills while camping. It feels good to go to sleep in a tent you put up by yourself. Or to sleep outside, under the stars, at a camp you hiked into carrying your own food, gear and water. And you have to carry it all out with you too, because Scouts "Leave No Trace." That's what you do in Scouts.