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Plaster Baster event

Here is information on motors

For Aerotech single use motors, try using first fire jr instead of the copperheads igniters.

For Estes or Quest motors, try the Quest q2g2 model rocket igniters.
Take motor average thrust in Newtons and divide by 4.45 to convert to pounds. 
NAR requires a 3 to 1 safety margin but 5 to 1 is recommended.

For example, the dry weight of a rocket was 4 lbs and using a Cesaroni H152, which fully configured, was just under 1 lb for a launch weight of 5 lbs. It's average thrust was 152n, so 152/4.45/5=6.8lb.  So there was a couple pounds to spare.

Here is freeware rocket design software


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Lots of good info

Thanks to Mr. Larry Hermanson for contributing content for this page.
Credit to "Modern High-Power Rocketry 2" by Mark Canepa for engine sizing calculations.