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Association with Adults

Personal Growth

Leadership Development

  • Boy-led Troop
  • Weekly Troop Meetings - The troop meets weekly at the Standley Middle School Gym during the school year (September - early June) and at Mission Bay Montessori during the summer.  A typical troop meeting agenda is:
    • Pre-arrival Activity
    • Opening/Flag Ceremony
    • Announcements
    • Scout Skill Development or Scout-Related Program
    • Inter-Patrol or Troop-wide competition/game
    • Scoutmaster Minute
    • Closing
  • Patrol Leaders Council (PLC)
    • PLC Membership - The Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) membership consists of the following:
      • Senior Patrol Leader
      • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader(s)
      • Patrol Leaders
      • PLC Scribe (Non-Voting Member)
      • Other scouts, especially those in a position of responsibility (Quartermaster, Librarian, Historian, etc.) are encouraged to attend the PLC meetings but are not voting members of the PLC as they are already represented by their Patrol Leader.
    • Monthly Meetings
    • Annual Program Planning
  • Patrol Meetings - Patrols are given time to meet during the Troop Meetings on a monthly basis.  Patrols may also meet outside of the Troop Meetings for fellowship, service, adventure, advancement or for more in-depth planning of upcoming events.  Patrols should schedule their Patrol Meetings and Patrol Activities on dates that do not conflict with Troop Events.
  • Junior Leader Training(JLT)
  • National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)
  • Summer Camp Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) Training - Many summer camps offer a special SPL training prior to the regular summer camp session.  This training prepares the SPL to lead the Troop during summer camp and also in the regular day-to-day operation of the troop.  The troop is usually able to pay for a portion of the cost of this valuable program for the SPL and a buddy (usually an ASPL).  Check with the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair if you are interested in this program.
  • Training

The Uniform